The BIG comeback by the Not so BIG blogger.

Im guilty Of Negligence..

Its been awhile i guess since i last posted.

Anyway here are the photos that i promised i'll show you of the secret eden of kampar..

Tarzans?? LOL

Pictures courtesy of


Damn your sixpacks bro. Make me look like a fat ass.

Alvin's attempt at the swing... and mind you, it wasn't macho

If you look closely you can see my name on the wall of that waterfall..

see it?



Puteri-puteri Gunung Kampar. lol.

Best Mate and Bro. Alvin (damn your pecs)


Alvin tried the swing.. the pool at the top was pretty deep and you can't see the bottom.
Well lets just say it was akward at his first try..

Hanging on for dear life...

Like a sissy.

Then i showed him how a "REAL" Man did it.

Good times.. Hoping to go again after the exams on 19th.

Can't wait..


THe vids alvin(green) Me (blue)

till again...

hopefully soon.


Vid Of the Week