this is basically an intro to the characters in the tv show.
well most of them i think.
im sorry if i left out a few.
short term memory lost....

Well first of all there's Weng Khit.
My bro.
Known him from a childhood friend whom,
is his cousin.
Sounds Complicated?
should be.
His cousin is a good friend of mine since young.
For those who know who Ahkhit is
Then skip this Paragraph..
so one day, Soon khit
brought over his cousin from ipoh.
and intro his friends to him.
i didn't really knw him then but we clicked.
THANK God we clicked.
NOw in UTar.
We're Practically Brothers....
Sorry Soon Khit.
i replaced you.
haha! Enjoy yourself in Aus!
Well since i met weng khit he introduced me to .....
HIS Merry gang.
Form sixers
First of all there was Winnie, then Pui YEE
who were living in the same house.
She's a really caring person.
Being around her is..
Like having a Big sis.
kinda nice really.
making a big fuss over you....
She's always willing to help.
after few akward moments...
we broke the ice with Milo!
Pui Yee:
An energizer bunny on crack.
joking, joking, joking
(please don't kill me for this..)
She's really energetic.
i sometimes wonder where she gets all her energy from...
she is the vibrant star in our family of five.
Really Wacky..(its not that winnie can't get wacky at times.)
(its just that she gets wacky more often.)
AH Fu:
Not a former six former
But still part of our family.
The poor guy who gets bullied by the girls almost everytime....
not that he's small to pick on or anything.
Just a gentalman
My sifu for accounts
and fellow fanatic for stephen chow movies.
Then during my stay Here.....
i met my Blood Brother.
Alvin Tan.
He Hails from kuching, Sarawak.
Why blood brothers you say...?
We have more similarities in common than any one i've met so far.
we bulls**t alot.
His one of the very few people who don't know a thing bout chinese.....
thats why..
Chee keong.
Yes i met another chee keong in my life.
this guy was fairly quiet until alvin and i came along
Corupt, Corupt!
but he's alright....
speaking more english than cantonese now.
First one victim
then one group of people
then whole of UTAR
THEN the World!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
pics of them i can't really show yet cause busy with
projects and everything,
CNY and
Thats all for NOW.


EPISODE II: Girlfriend

Well its a new start for me this year.... away from family and everything...
Not much pics but coming soon i hope..
For the first few days in kampar we went through orientation in Utar..

All i can say is. Boring.
Talks thats why.
Blabaring all through out the day.
then the day after that
and that..
and that.
until finally over.
Met up with weng khit (or fondly called AH Khit among friends)
and his Form six friends....
10 of them apparently
suddenly three.
OH well.
My family and i were just buying essentials then it dawn upon us..
Dad suggested i use the bus service provided by Utar.
But it lacked convenience, and flexibility.
MY Schedule will have to be VERY Rigid....
I didn't want that...
A CAR...
THat Would Be NICE.
"Fat hopes" is whats written on my father face when i only ever so slightly hinted...
a mini....
Can only mean one thing.
Dad doesn't trust my driving.
and is afraid i may missuse the privillage..
With that out the window,
Left with only one choice.
A Girlfriend.
I thought about it....
I could take a ride with her
She was cheap, convinient
Most importantly..
Low mantainence.
"Why not?"
So we went to get one.
SO we we entered the shop.
kinda dirty and dingy but fine on my standards.
My dad and i scanned the room but i saw none fitting for me...
"She must be different and stood out from the rest," i thought.
then the shop owner took "Her" from the back of the shop,
She was as beautiful as Ever!
Beautifully shaped body unlike those i saw before her.
Big assets front and back.
Perfect is what i could have said, then...
and she came in a sleek black and yellow skin accentuated with bright red designs.
"I'll take her" paid RM300 and took her back to her new home....
"If you have any problems with her we'll fix it." "Alright"
Seems like a perfect relationship.
If you want to See her...
Watch out for my next post...
Prologue: The Break Up
"Shit it broke!"
She's screaming and im losing control.
Bloody shop gave me inferior product now i have to deal with it.


EPISODE I : The Beautiful Mistake

What can happen in half a year?

Alot, thats what.

You meet with people whom you only seen them once..
But know them as if you've met them countless times...

You can forge the most lasting friendship thinkable.
Share hopes tears and pains also joy happiness and sense of family out of your own.....

You finally met the one place you belong and..

In a flicker of an eye,
Everything is lost..

"i'll always love you guys....."


"Form Six=The Beautiful Mistake"


MY Maanny Thanks to my Bestie.........

Who did a wonderful job helping me start off my personal exploitation on the web to be so fantastically and beautiffully themed as a drive in the legendary British car the Mini.

"I never thought you would remember my facination for the small unpractical car a Mini is.."

'Thanks Mel..."

With Love :)

The old has gone....


The new has come.

Starting engines for 2008.


All the best Dan :)

♥ mel,




Sorry for the inconvinience caused, dan's tv show will be on hold for as long until an Internet connection is installed in my house until, then no pics and less frequent posts....


Everything is fine and dandy...


Untill nxt time...



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