Heck im barred. For Qt and Is to be exact...

80% attendance average failed.

I had a 70% attendance average. One class.

thats all it took.


Well, its off to the Dean's Office tomorrow then.

i had to find this out from my mum. bummer.

Damn do i need a new phone.



A congratulations to Matt and Mindy

on their First step in living their lives together.


Whens my turn then? Hmm~




To measure the man, measure his heart - Malcolm Forbes

So at which point do you know a man's worth?

Or does pouring his heart out render him Useless?


Of My Sister/s

Well if you don't already know. This is my sis.
Pretty ain't she?
I never really fully realized that until recently.

I've forgotten how much she has grown since i last saw her as a baby when i was holding her for the first time when i was five years old.
And how now she's slowly reaching my height, and i can call her short soon.

I've forgotten how much more matured she has grown from the annoying little sister i remembered.
Who used to pull my hair and get me in trouble with my parents for the trouble she's caused..
And just pick a fight with me for no good reason just to get on my nerves.

I've forgotten how much she likes sticking her toungue out in picture poses


Oh now i remember. She learn'd that pose from me. =P


Although sometimes i find her annoying and frustrating at times..

I always make up with her in a heartbeat, And we'll be back into having fun together again.

We never talk much, and some ppl may say that our relationship is almost.. Dysfunctional.
But i still love her and her little sister, Esther though i may not show it. Regardless of how ever annoyed i may be. or angry.

i will always love her and Esther.

I've never really missed home ever since i came to kampar. and i probably never will.

Cause i know, my family is always with me.

Even when words are not spoken.

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