Of Grooming and Accounting. *sigh*

Both very disappointing events above has managed to bring down my whole mood for the hols...

Hair cut looks..

Well decent i guess, but not really what i was after.

And don't lemme get started bout the accounts. They are the very reason why i HATE coming back home.

Dun feel like posting at the moment. Got accounts to do.




Just got a pair of vintage Vans!!!!!

im so psyched right now....

Some pics soon?

I came this close to buying me some everlast sneaks.

Ahh well. Next time. heh.

hmm.. didn't get my bag yet. haven't found one that caught my eye. =P we'll see at the Rotary Carnival tomorrow.


Just did some shopping...

Found some gems. at a great bargain.

Can't wait to shop more tomorrow afternoon!

Oh the joys of spending money...!

tomorrow some shoes and a Bag *drools*



Been through hell and back.

At least it "felt" like hell.

God i hate exams.

Please Please, don't let me repeat the subjects.

Anyways. Update. Back in jB now. Home is mostly the same as it always is.
Plan on going shopping. Loadsa stuff to buy.. *snigger*
PS2 is wrecked so.. to heck with it.

Plan to lose MORE weight. seeing all my friends getting thinner gets me paranoid. *pathetic*

WOW is back baby. Death Knight, wait for me.

oh yeah Haircut. Be prepared to be shocked. =P Well maybe not all of you will be shocked cause you've seen more hardcore shit, but its still eye boggling.

What else?
oh sh-
almost forgot.

Got tonnes of eFFin accounts to do for my parent's business. LOLz

so much for the holidays.

will update soon when i have more stuff to type about.

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