Dirty thoughts...

Once a girl was talking to me and we suddenly popped into the question of shaving..

Naturally i was shocked, thinking why would a girl shave?

And she didn't look like the hairy type.

And there was only one place where you could shave on a girl's body..

"i never told her what i thought of what part she shaved"

Thankfully i was mistaken.

Nuff said.


Gotta Get My Sh*t Together

damn im a pig.

Note: schedule a MAJOR clean UP A.S.A.P!

ps: Dun worry mum, that not beer you just saw. It's shandy.



Here's what motivated me through it.

Both the songs are playing on my head constantly now.

Can't wait for the album.



took bloody long enough.


FUck The Exams. RanT

fuck everything... everything i do is pointless.

Bullshit bullshit bullshit daniel. You're hopeless. You will never compare to your wonderfully brilliant fucking smart ass cousins of the Tan family.

Damn fucking society.

Get Me out Of this Fucking Place.

Wish to not Be Judged now.

Screw J.B. Hate it.

World.... Prepare For The Worst!

I Passed My Semester EXAMS!!!!

I'm so ecstatic at the moment.



Ahh randomness...

What a beautiful thing..

Why is the Moon white?

Why IS the Sun just a glare of white?

Why are finals so important?

Why am i doing business?

Should i be a teacher?

Why am i talking Nonsense?

Why do i have so much time?

Why am i taking care of my sisters?

Why can't i sleep at night?

Why am i left-handed?

I wanna go to the beach.

I wanna go SOMEwhere.

Why can't i meet someone like Rachel Ray?

I want to eat potatoes.

Why am i Fat..?

I want six packs.

and defined Pectorals.


God take me now. I wanna see the world trough your eyes

Vid Of the Week