FEATURE: Discoveries

As we close in to the end of the season.....

There were a few remarkable discoveries....

Online that is...

1. Myspace is in Spanish for some reason.... I dunno but i think the developers are somehow confused, thinking that spanish is the most spoken language in the world!! I mean C'MON!?
Why do i have to go to your uk page to read it in english?? just set english as default you buzzards!

2. Im not getting enough viewers.... this is clearly shown by the poll i have on the right hand corner of the blog.. Its been a month plus now since it was up... not many votes as you can see... I need SUGESTIONS Please people...! mY SWEET SWEET, people.. sweet.... vote. Its all for you in the end.

3.GTA IV gameplay videos are out!!! go to you tube and see! for you who are too lazy here... GTA IV

4. Found a really good game online..... It a good replacement for the traditional chess.. This one really has potential.. its called Tactics 100.. you can customize your units and according to the points you have and adjust their abilities according to you fighting style.. The main feature has to be its online play. with its own dedicated server, where you can battle other players. For you who wanna try it out.. here is the link.
Currently online play is unavailable.. but the game still rocks on single play anyway and you can try different tactics. *i so sound like a geek right now*

well thats all of my discoveries...

until again.



A Tribute....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. Enjoy your day...





Tagged By Dear Ti-Fern-Ni.....

To: Tiffany
Thanks Lots...
This one time for you.

Here i am again...
To talk bout Myself.
Seriously do you want to Read this??

Ok then lets get down to business.....

Rules: List 8 Random facts bout self...
1. Geez.. umm.. im ROJAK?
2. Love Mum's Baba' Nyonya CURRY CHICKEN. (Legendary)
3. Love reading Useless Junk.. (and Classics)
4. Can't speak Chinese Properly. And have absolutely no problem with it. (i'll go ENGLISH on
your butt if you provoke me in chinese)
5. Have a weird sense of humor... Can make you laugh over something so stupid like at a water fountain.
6. Dare to be different.
7. Frequently Have Short Term Amnesia ( cases of tourettes have been reported )
8. Miss the beach. PANGKOR!

For the Fun Of it. I'll Add A few more.

9. Loves to be retarded.


8. Was in Form Six..

Good Times.

9. Was confused at one point of his life..

What's This Dad? Heheh.

10. Has a love affair with.....

The Mini

11. Wore Braces before.

Although this isn't my pic.

12. Loves....


13. Met a Demon Nut before..

Satan's Nuts.

14. Was Bald before...

Yes its me.

People i tag:
I recently created a group called F.A.T
Friendship*Against*Tags Collation.
That stands against doing tags on blogs and sees it as a nuisance and a waste of our BLOG space.
F.A.T is asking you to choose not to do a tag unless it is from a close friend of yours.

OUR motto: " Tag Abolished, Friendship Polished "

Join Me..
Friendship needs you,
F.A.T needs you..

Chose F.A.T over Fags.. i mean Tags.

your host,


need to sleep. *yawn*




Listening to currently: Hadouken! , Death From Above 1979 , MSTRKRFT Remixes , Arctic Monkeys (Geniuses.) , The Used , and The Klaxons

Movie Currently downloading; Godfather saga..

Movie just watched: The Warriors (1970s)

Quotes: " Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." ~Don Marquis~


Just A Desire.....

mmmmm..... PSP... *drools excessively* guhhh...slurpppp...
Just a wish....... i mean its been quite a while i've been holding that gameboy advance of mine but.
JUST LOOK AT IT. Doesn't it makes you wanna make Love to IT? (applies to both Guy or Girl)

If i can't Have the BIG BROTHER i might as well have the smaller bro RIGHT ?

I've been doing some surveying... (despite being in the middle of examination period)
It will most probably cost me bout $900 for a decent unit with a memory stick, headphones, charger, usb cable for data transfer and LAN, And custom firmware installed in the unit.

Still noob bout the software thing.... But heck, free games who wouldn't want to have one of this after hearing that offer?
I mean seriously.... Who wouldn't?
Back when i was still playing gameboy advance a game would cost me about $100++ or $80 cheapest.

So the PSP is a really good offer....
The games have much nicer graphics compared to Gameboy Advance... very similar to its Older Brother The PS2.
Imagine playing PS2 style games on the palm of your hand.
The Very thought of It..
send shivers down my spine
and a warm fuzzy feeling
through out my body..


You May say I will get Distracted....?
Nah im a grown Man already.....
I know when to study... and when to PLAY.
Besides i need a media player and mp3 player....

Im still wondering.... wHICH should i opt for?
PSP or PSP slim & lite?
Experts please leave a comment...
I heard that PSP can go on skype?
Both can watch tv i heard..
and also can act as a Camera.

Oo0oh.. Shiny.

Im still wondering which firmware is the best for me.....
I heard that different versions have different abilities......
Like some can custom their display, some can stream internet radio directly, and some even are compatible with emulators for gameboy and PSone games..
Experts Please Please comment...

Then there is the colour issue.... Which should i get? the Piano Black or the Deep REd?
The decisions i have to make....



wHITE? 0_0?


I love my Black chocolate...


Your Host,


Experts please do comment... Your insight is deeply apreciated..


A Fag... uhh... i mean A Tag.

I've been Tagged.... BY JON The-Anime-Lover
Here it is jon.

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 5 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they done got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

5 things I doing 10 years ago (April 1998)?
1. Dealing with Standard 3 problems any nine year old kid would face.
2. Trying to catch grasshoppers
3. Drooling over SEGA Saturns and Dreamcast
4. Tried for PTS (Failed)
5. Got First Place in my class for the whole year.
(was in second class, wasn't good enough for first class)

5 things on my to-do list today
1. Study properly for Finals??(Failing but still trying)
2. Clean Up my Pig sty(my Room)
3. Build Pecs, Delts and define ABS before 19th Bdae
4. Nag at danish management to Get Electricity back into My Room(so i can study)
5. Wash Socks.

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Peanut Butter Biscuits (I think the world of them)
2. Sour Cream and Onion Chips.
3. French Fries (any particular cut: personal favorite: Big Cut)
4. Corn Flakes (weird i know)
5. Sandwiches (Ham and cheese preferably)

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Get an Alpha Romeo
2. Get A classic mini cooper and mod it up!
3. Get a beach house
4. Give my parents the retirement Honeymoon they deserve
5. Retire and invest on interesting projects like flying cars or bio mechanical robots.

5 of my bad habits
1. Lazy ass (not proud of it)
2. VEry Very easily distracted.
3. Sleep JunKie (i could tell you more reasons to sleep then Not to)
4. Clueless? (huh?)
5. Love to give the Wrong ideas. (i put stuff in your head that are not supposed to be there)

5 places I have lived
1. Shah Alam
2. Johor Bahru
3. USJ? PJ
4. Johore Bahru?
5. Kampar, Perak

5 jobs I've had
1. A son
2. A scapegoat (A big brother)
3. A body bag (Nerd)
4. A dish boy and waiter
5. An aspiring accountant? (more like an office boy)

5 people I tag
1. Melissa Yap (cause.... i can't find the reason why not)
2. Seow Wei Xun (to see him write funny shit)
3. Celine Yap (cause i felt like it)
4. Benson Yap (to torture him)
5. Steffi ( as a celebration for restarting her blog once again)

Thats it.

No more.





Had a trip to Ipoh. recently,

Love your city, Perak!

Very clean....

Scenic too..

But first of all... check this out.. before the trip look what i FOUND???


For some reason in kampar..... the spiders are freaking HUGE! before this found another on in the UTAR handicap toilet. *oh thats really gonna help the poor soul using the toilet. Dahlah disabled.. then the thing crawls onto him and he cant do anything... i could just imagine. AHHHHHHH!!! Move leg! move!* dont be fooled people. this spidy may look small but really its not.

you will just have to take my word for it.....

So we travelled to ipoh why?

Alvin had a Scholarship interview.... Li juen had driving test the next day and needed transport, and i was friggin bored in Kampar.

Nothing could be more perfect.

Alvin's bro, Andrew just got his car back....

Timing. is just. Perfect.

So we planned to get him to the interview then after that go for breakfast, hang in jusco and get some essentials and lunch and then hang about a little more then send li juen back..

That was the plan..


Mind you, this is NOT Jusco... Its not that pathetic okay?

This is the place where alvin was supposed to go for his interview.. Planned and estimated time interview was supposed to be 30mins. According to Alvin's source of course..
So we waited.

Took some pics. Of myself. Vainity at its best.

Took shots of the place...

Took myself again. this one better. the sun wasn't in my eyes.
heh. *Vain i know*

And waited we did...
BY now it was 1 hour ++
Took breakfast... there... canteen... ahh... memories of school...
sucky food at ridiculous prices that are still a mystery as to how the food are actually priced.

Waiting again.... If you squint well enough thats alvin there by the orange pillar with the white piping.*hey ALVIN!* *Me and andrew start shuffle dancing*
ps: Alvin HATES Shuffle Dancers... don't know why. Childhood nightmares i guess.

*andrew left lijuen standing right*
And we waited... BY now its was good 3 hours gone and Alvin still haven't got interviewed. and i resorted to eating the leaves of the bougainvillea plant you see before me as entertainment..

He went in... God took forever...
Waited another 45mins.
Got to bond with andrew..

If i ever wanted a BIG Brother, it had to be DREW. Smart, witty, damn straightforward and has a blunt humour that not many people know how to appreciate.. Unlike freaks like me i Guess. and a few others.
Heheh. =)

Went to Jusco after 4-5 agonizing hours.....
Ate lunch then went SHOPPING.
*sound so bimbo*
aww nuts. ok Grocery shopping.

Andrew and Alvin..

for short.

Bought a pillow. Big pillow. Don't know why.. needed it cause at home i had one.
so ya.
Big pillow.

Thats grocery shopping for you.


later then, in a turn of events, or rather a wrong turn,
We went to tesco Extra which was not far from jusco.

The place was a pleasant surprise though..
Real nice.
Arrived home at six pooped tired.

it was fun overall.

i gotta go now....

season finale coming out....
watch OUT!!! more never-before-seen pics and a summary of the half year.

anyways im out.

thanks for joining me.
your host,



Dan's TV Show proudly presents.........

Playlist is finally BACK!


Its been Quite absent in the past few weeks of my life...

And i missed it so fondly....

But now its back!


~reunited and it feel so good, reunited cause we understood~

You can NOW listen to what songs im crooning to..... (if you have them files or the torrent to download them pls give them to me)

do take time to listen to my playlist.

For those who don't know...

Playlist is a music player that you can include in your facebook, my space, and your other social tools.

The Beauty about playlist is the there is an enourmous libary of songs and its all bout discovering new music...

no kidding Project PLaylist ROCKS!!

consider getting one here.


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