THis was how bored i was on TUESday during the 3hour gap Between our lectures...





AdventUre To iPOh.


Yeah went to iPOH.

Lovely Place serious.

Anyways. main reason.

To Get My Ass Jabbed By A Huge Needle.

Here it goes.

Trip to ipoh. Planned time 8am

Actual Departure 8:30.

Sue Anne: Driver. Reason? She owns the Car.

Passengers: Alvin, Hui Yun, Li Juen, Me

State after 1hour in car with sue anne's driving.

Li juen: Unaffected

Alvin: Unaffected

Hui Yun: Unaffected

Me: Mentally Traumatized.

Arrival: Li juen directed sue anne the way cause she was from ipoh and sue anne is from Taiping. (kokoi; lol)

Li Juen Brought Us To A Specialist Hospital To Treat MY Common Allergy.


Thanks anyways li juen =)

Went to the information counter, they directed us to the general clinic.



(i only had 50 with me at the time.)

wENT To SEE the Doc.




More Akwardness.

*Deep Breaths*

Musters up Courage.


Doc: yes?

Me: Umm.

Doc: Whats Wrong?

Me: Is it possible for me to get an Injection?


Doc: Sure. But it will Make you drowsy for bout 8 hours.. Did you drive yourself here?

Me: NO no.. a friend drove me here.

Doc: Okay then. Please go oVER TO THE otheR rOOM.


Nurses in The room. Full Of Them. All Females. They Are Gonna See Me Butt Naked.


Nurse: Could you roll over and loosen your pants?

Me:*ok* *rolls over on tummy and starts lossennig pants*

Nurse: no no sideways.

*Of Course Daniel, THe Less DAMAGE the BettER!*

Me: *oh umm okay*

Nurse: ok. Done.

Me: huh? WHat?

Nurse: Done.. did you feel any pain?

Me: Umm.. Nope?

Nurse: ok thts good then please wait outside for your medicine. =)

*Goes out of Room*

*Alvin Gestures Needle-Into-Butt-thumbs-up with a stupid smirk on his face*




The latest news......

I contracted a SKIN DISEASE.

Yup you heard me.

A little thing called.


This was quite surprising mind you.

I was never born with allergies and this came as a shock. and as an annoyance.

At first i thought they were mosquito bites... but then... they were too many of them on one spot as a fellow member pointed out.

Thats when it dawned upon me. Dammit.


As much as i wanted to deny it. It was hard to not notice bulging red spots on my hand that were ITCHING like MAD!!!

I kept on telling myself there was no way in He- that i could've contracted an allergy.

Then the evidence came.

The bulging spot disappeared *sigh of relief*

Then It Appeared At another Place almost INSTANTLY!


Oh well. Went to the doctor, said it could take anywhere from 3 days to one month to recover.

Thats just great.

Im gonna go to Lectures with sores on my hands and have to bear with the fact that i'll have to restrain from scratching myself.

And to top it off.. people are gonna think i got Leprosy and stay away from me.


Im back to scratching myself.


Suffering With Red Botches On Body,



Of Not Posting Pics as promised and a NEW Musical Interest.


All i can say is.

Im lazy.

You see all the previous pics that i uploaded was painstakingly extracted from my user-unfriendly phone.

(that's what you get for getting a PDA phone, Everything and everyone starts to hate you.)

and my phone is not known for their cameras anyway, but no worries. i'll still upload important pics when i feel like it. (60% chance failure)

Yes my new musical investment. or rather, last investment on my musical career.

I bought a guitar.


*waits for shock to set in*


You heard me. A guit.

You're probably wondering,

Noh. Daniel can't play guitar can he? He PLAYS Piano!

Well no and yes.

I do play piano, but i stopped and so NOW i can't play piano.

I can play guitar BUT, im a NOOB.


So conclusion? Daniel is learning guitar But is a NOOB and COULD play piano before but now can't.

I bought a YAMAHA F310.








How long has it been?

Three weeks? One month?

Its been awhile since i last updated this blog... as you can see. Changes have been made.

A overhaul has been made. Still figuring out the whole layout thing.

So just bear with the odd colours and patterns for a while.

Based on the poll i just had, i promise to write more funny episodes just for your entertainment,

There may be a few new additions fot the TV SHOW.

Not sure yet.

Been thinking what i should i write bout, geez well

To start,

Im in SEM 2 now... haha.. pretty glad bout it.

Results aren't what i would be prod bout.

But one thing is for sure.

Im Back....



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