Of Failures and Shortcomings. (A Confession)

Over the past period of one year and four months, I was privileged enough to have friends who were responsible and hardworiking, and whom i considered myself to be like them.

And all this while, i shunned certain individuals when they failed to meet datelines and important meetings. Judging that that they don't deserve the marks that we get for assignments.

Unknowingly, i myself was considered a slob then and a lazy ass pretending to be Righteous in my fake accomplishments.

But the past three months showed me that i had shortcomings that others have tolerated and never told me in the face.

And i have to admit. That all this time i was making up excuses, pushing away the fact that in reality, I Am a Procrastinating, Lazy, and Insensitive Basterd.

Well i know that now. and im Sick of it.

Sick that i've treated our relationship as groupmates and coursemates with the not so much of an ounce of the respect that i so conveniently gave myself..

sick of what i've done,

all the sleepless nights that i've caused you and the others,

the unanswered calls, messages.

the immense stress that i've put you all through.

I have nothing much to say. or probably my words wouldn't mean anything now. All i can do is just let my actions do the talking and hope that somehow, you and the others will give me that second Chance to prove myself.

Im Sorry.


*sigh* smiles..

Won't you marry me Cathy Nguyen?

She Made My day. =)

This IS how I feel at The Moment.

Check him out. Fantastic songs. God. i need to get on with Revision.


As a giant awakens from its slumber

The world around him comes to life.

Battering and rubbing his eyes from tiredness,

Heaving a "Great Yawn" and stretched his arm as it aligned with the horizons.

Little Fairies and Pixies scramble in fear into bushes, flowers and clovers at the sound.

The Sun peeks from between the mountains as if to suggest a Game of Mouse and cats.

Then the giant, realizing he had overslept,

Fell back into the grass where he slumbered again.

Soon followed by the resounding thunder of a snore heard throughout the magical forest.


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Law was a bummer.


on top of that i'm feeling rather....


You know what?

Fuck it.

I don't need "one" that much anyways.
I'm not gonna feel like a sore basterd wallowing in self pity at my situation.


The perils of relationships.

Till next time.


Brain.. Don't Fail Me Now..

Microecon Mid Term is in one and a half hours time.

Just read my notes that i jotted down in class (boy am i glad i did.)

On other news. Went to Asian Cultural Night last night. No Regrets. Thanks to Kee ming and Joshua. Would've been dead boring without them there.. YOu guys performed Great! =)

Kay got to get myself together..

Wish me Luck!


Today In Whole..

was unproductive..

Woke up late.

When i Finally started to do my Revision, I realised i Downloaded the wrong notes and My Wble Account is Fucked Up.

Shit Pot.

I can't contact the class rep cause i didn't get his num. And he hasn't acepted my Friend request on Msn.

What's a man to do? Hopefully i'll be able to contact him tomorrow.

But heck i'd probably be too late by then. Damn it. And im attending a cultural concert tomorrow. No idea how long That would take.. heh.

God Help Me.

Freakin Out At the Last Moment Is no Good.



A Habit.

I've actually made it a personal conviction to post one post a day at the end a day as a way to de-stress myself.

Okay lets get started.

woke up at 10am this morning. Groggy. couldn't have breakfast and i really must be taking those Vitamin C's mum gave me, *tired as hell*

Dragged my tired ass to my bicycle. and with heavy feet pedaled my way to class.

Business Law that morning. Couldn't really focus and i didn't take much notes... thats that.

Went Economics. Surprisingly i found it Pretty interesting. I thought i'd hate it just cause its pretty much related to Maths.

But i found it to be a "beautiful" subject on its own and grew to be more interested in it with each lecture that i attend. (ask me again in 3-4 weeks time and see if i still feel the same way. LuLz)

Nothing much when i got back. Had Dinner with A&A. haha i always LOVE our dinners together. They're part of the main reasons why i love being in kampar. =)

SO got back home. didn't know what to do. Watched The longest Yard For awhile... Then i took a nap. And if my Mom didn't call the house. I would've slept till tomorrow. *Dead Tired*

Now i Writing this post!

Till Tomorow.

Ps:i have a feeling that people will get bored of this blog as this goes on.. heh.

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MIxed Feelings.

Just met my chc Mates From Jb today.

Feel weird.

Glad to see them

But yet, unsettling to know that they came all the way from jb.

Didn't know how to react. (i greeted them warmly of course. im not THT cold hearted.)

On top of that Some Other Feeling is Brewing that i didn't know of... Are you showing me signs that you like me? Of is this just the "new" you? Im confused. SHould i make the jump or not? Baah. Fuck it. (sorry for the use of language but thats the only way to put how im feeling right now)

80TH Post woHOO!

nothing special here.

same shit. different day. =)

Till next time.

ps: hope next time i'll have pictures to post up..

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