Leather Fetish!!

Went to city square with my sis yesterday...
It was a way of celebrating the end of her PMR examination.. Needed to get her bday gift anyways. Thought of going to jusco terbau but.. its been a while since i went to the city, so City Square was the obvious choice.

Got her her leather handbag. spotted it while looking around waiting for our movie "Surrogates" to start. (it was so-so.) she is happy with it.. she might post something on her blog.

so she got the bag and i was looking around the same store
Then i saw this..

I realized i had to get it..

mmm... leather =) even if it is synthetic

Got this traveling sling pack for a steal..

it didn't even cost me more than RM100

Next, i decided i needed to get me some studs since mine got wrecked from rust and another got the button ripped off from the strap..

Looked endlessly.. till..

Saw this little gem.

I admit. It looked really weird when my sis first suggested it.. (after trying various variations)
but the look of it on my wrist grew on me..

And plus it had the sense of Steam Punk style bout it...

I got another stud strap to complement this one. Rubbery but nice.

Since little sis didn't spend all of the bday money yet, she got herself some rings and we got a necklace for both our maid and younger sis whom bdays fall on the same month of September.

Found out, im a much pickier shopper compared to my little sis or mum.. =/ (is that something to be complemented on?)


The Dream Phone that i wanted to buy but my dad stopped me and instead bought IT for my MUM.

And there he is messing about with his iphone.


Ahh, but he deserves it anyways.. its one of his few luxuries that He gets.. other from the many that he lavishes on his children.

Enjoy your iphone dad!

and by the way, pics on this post were taken with my dad's N95 (which is now mine!)


Next on the shopping list: a jacket/hoodie and maybe a vest.. and some bermuda shorts!


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