Failed Attempt.

I try to make this a happy blog.

But oh well.

It is a journal of some sort.


Back to happier times.

WATERFALL in Kampar was fantastic!

Didn't really expect much but BOY.

Blew my mind away.

The sight. The scenery.

And how secluded it was...

It was like our own..

..Secret Eden..

Must go again soon!!


Pics? Dont have them now.

But will post them up if i ever get them.


Why would i Show you anyways?





I still remember the day,

It was two and a half years ago,

When you placed a blade,

At knifepoint to My Involuntarily Exposed Heart,

And Gently whispered in my ear,

"Are you ready?"

You cut me

Deep and more severe than expected,

I thought that wound healed,

But now its exposed,

Fresh and clear,

With every thump,

A Reminder Of That Day

It took one and a half years.

But its finally open,

Pain , Happiness, Sorrow, Hate, And Unmeasurable JOY

Emotions Intermingled as one Single Strong Feeling.


I LOVED you.

Do you realize how your words can affect me?

I Rise and Fall from Ashes,

With the very slight quiver of your Lips

Why couldn't It Be ME?

WHat WaS i LaCKIng?

compared to him.

I damn this Heart of Mine.

Weak, Broken,

Cut, Opened By you.

Bring A Needle and Thread quick.

Im Bleeding and Dying

Now's your chance to Save Me!

Won't you take it?

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