That was what i just read as i was opening my mailbox.

Full with loads of junk. Mostly forwarded e-mails.

1905 of em

and i stumbled unto one that had the title above as its own.

Why is it significant you wonder?

I applied fo PTPTN.
(Ptptn if you're reading this, i suggest you "eFfin" upgrade you server system immediately)

and i filled in all the information needed for the application form.

STILL didn't get the bloody thing.

WHY? Cause their server didn't register my application.

then to top that off i realised that i can't use my SPM transcript to apply..

Got a call from my Dad. Explain'ed the situation.

Got a Lecture from both Mum And Dad.

Didn't know why, emotions flooded me.

Then I knew. And it wasn't cause my parents scolded me.

Blamed Myself.

Felt LIKE a Failure.

Emo as Shit.

Felt Like Shit.

Everything that happened up to today proved I was Shit.

then at cell, we were talking bout faith.

And then i read this e-mail

Feeling Much Better.

I guess.

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A T...g

Well. Tagged by tyreal,
And since i don't have any pictures to post up.
I'll guess i'll just do the T... g

1. Do you think you're hot ?
No. I'm pretty cool at the moment.

2. Upload your favourite picture.

3. Why do you like that picture?
Need i say More? It pretty much speaks for itself.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Umm, can't remember.

5. The last song you listened to
Fall out boy Coffee's For Closers

6. What are you thinking besides this?
THe Work That is awaiting me, as Class Rep?

7. What name you prefer besides yours?
Dan, Danny, Danminic, Dano, Dannio.. anything else besides "Big Bird" in Chinese and something else that makes a mockery of my last name.

People to tag :-
No one.


Daniel's got internet now.

aND he's Looking to chat some people TO death.



totally Rad.

Be Right Back, with some pictures and updates and stuff..

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