a BImbo Realization

I just realized from reading my past posts...

That my penis inverts into a vagina when i go shopping.

All my manhood just *poof* the moment i step into a shopping mall.


Random PS: Neil Patrick Harris Is AweSUM.


Despair and Joy??

Just found out my Last paper is on the 21st.

The Varsity choose what i hoped it would never come to.

One week gap between the two papers.

Its kinda like a double edge sword thing? I guess. On one hand i want to go back early so i can spend more time with my family..

And on the other, i Get More Buffer time in between to study..

hmm how do i decide to "Feel" about this..?


I decide to be indifferent.


ps: i got some chirstmas songs up on the playlist to get into the mood. =3


Blah blah blah blah blah...

Was it love, or just something that reminded me of
Something that felt a lot like, but wasn't, love
Just friends, friends then, until the end
You know I still pretend, just friends.

Take a step and come out of the shade
I can tell you're no longer afraid
I'm helpless without your warming smile
Take a step and come out in the sun
I can tell it's already begun
I'm helpless without your warming smile

Was it love, I think it was but I'm far from sure
I'd never felt that way before, was it love?
Just friends, am I a fool to be asking for,
a fool to wish that we could be more than friends

Take a step and come out of the shade
I can tell you're no longer afraid
I'm helpless without your warming smile
Take a step and come out here in the sun
I can tell it's already begun
I'm helpless without you,
Helpless without you,
Helpless without your warming smile
Your warming smile

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On Hiatus until further notice.

or when something interesting happens.




Thoughts thoughts. and more thoughts.

Should i close this blog?

and start a journal instead..



Hell Just Froze Over.

This is just in, the impossible (or what was thought not possible) has just happened..

We got robbed.

While i was effin sleeping.

Feel fricking horrible.

Whatta Halloween. Talk about a "Trick or Treat".


Leather Fetish!!

Went to city square with my sis yesterday...
It was a way of celebrating the end of her PMR examination.. Needed to get her bday gift anyways. Thought of going to jusco terbau but.. its been a while since i went to the city, so City Square was the obvious choice.

Got her her leather handbag. spotted it while looking around waiting for our movie "Surrogates" to start. (it was so-so.) she is happy with it.. she might post something on her blog.

so she got the bag and i was looking around the same store
Then i saw this..

I realized i had to get it..

mmm... leather =) even if it is synthetic

Got this traveling sling pack for a steal..

it didn't even cost me more than RM100

Next, i decided i needed to get me some studs since mine got wrecked from rust and another got the button ripped off from the strap..

Looked endlessly.. till..

Saw this little gem.

I admit. It looked really weird when my sis first suggested it.. (after trying various variations)
but the look of it on my wrist grew on me..

And plus it had the sense of Steam Punk style bout it...

I got another stud strap to complement this one. Rubbery but nice.

Since little sis didn't spend all of the bday money yet, she got herself some rings and we got a necklace for both our maid and younger sis whom bdays fall on the same month of September.

Found out, im a much pickier shopper compared to my little sis or mum.. =/ (is that something to be complemented on?)


The Dream Phone that i wanted to buy but my dad stopped me and instead bought IT for my MUM.

And there he is messing about with his iphone.


Ahh, but he deserves it anyways.. its one of his few luxuries that He gets.. other from the many that he lavishes on his children.

Enjoy your iphone dad!

and by the way, pics on this post were taken with my dad's N95 (which is now mine!)


Next on the shopping list: a jacket/hoodie and maybe a vest.. and some bermuda shorts!



Seriously.. The whole Vampire Fad is just getting ridiculous.

Not Just For Vampires: Blood Energy Drink - Geekologie

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Where The "F" do people come up with this shit?

Of changing companions..

We've been together for quite awhile..

had many meaningful moments and delightful memories together..
but it is time to part ways..

She has been getting more and more cranky recently...

And it has reached that point of the relationship, where enough is enough..
and you know it's time to throw in the towel.

I've decided that i am gonna publicly announce it on my blog.

I'm breaking up with my O2.

yes you heard me. Its good bye to O2.
One year has passed and she's been pretty swell till these past few months and has been getting me into trouble.

I'll be using my dad's N95 from now on..

So before i break up with "her" i though i'd give a proper farewell..

Good bye O2. Its been great while it lasted..

ps: this post is actually dedicated to priya who will be getting her own "O2"

"Cherish it till as long as it lasts priya!"

portable bible for the phone

some games and apps.


Its the Final Countdown

Well one more day then it will be over..

After just starting my 1st semester in Business Admin, here i am in Marketing sem one.

Really do hope history doesn't repeat it self.. but it seems inevitable.

I don't want to repeat and waste more money..
not to mention precious time as well in the process.

God please lemme Pass....

Im afraid of Failing.


Whadduya know?

Computer studies actually did count for something.

Armed with barely enough knowledge on the subject..

I managed to tweak my blog.

And i have to say... im pretty pleased with it.


Nights peeps.


Random pics of [The Pad]..

The throne..

You would think shoes would only be for women.. nope.
this picture is Fact.

The Laboratory.. *evil laughter*


The Fridge.

Where Magic Happens..


Toodles people..

ps: this was totally random.

New Layout....

Watcha think?

you Like?

i personally like it.

Tell me what you think in the chatbox ----->

La Ro[u]x.!

"all false love and affection. you don't want me, you just like the attention"

this song is stuck in my head now.


Damn Fine. (a random song)

Verse 1

I see you walking down the corridor,
your gown sweeping the floor as your eyes met mine.
Never have i ever felt this way before,
It was then and there that i realized.


Girl i see that so damn fine,
All i know is that you blow my mind,
can't you see baby that i'm trying,
Trying hard to make you mine.

Girl i see that so damn fine,
All i know is that you blow my mind,
you know i'll always treat you right,
So won't you come and, be mine.

Verse 2

Like an angel you entered through the door,
the white gown that you wore shone so bright.
I couldn't help but stand back in awe,
and watch you light up the night sky.

Repeat chorus? don't know.. haven't finsished yet.

LOLz tht song just came to me.

PS: i just realized... the song has pretty meaningful lyrics with a HIP HOP casual chorus... xD


THe Shopping BUg.




im so itching to go buy stuff...

Lets see..

Some SKA shoes, Strap shoes (maybe), another Jacket, Hoodie, Beanie!!!, a new wristband, bagpack, canvas belt, some novels, electric shaver, assorted T-shirts, a VEST! (currently loaning one), cargo pants, a few bermuda shorts, a cover for my N95, 8gb micro sd memory card for N95, prezzies for the mates and a external hard drive.

RM1k should be enough i think...


i sound like a typical Bimbo right bout now.

There goes my machoness, out the window.




im 20.



pls don't screw up pls don't screw up..

*crosses fingers*


...Dark Looming Feeling...

Just found out that my both my parents just got UBER-cool phones.

iphone 3G = Dad

N97 = Mum

the irony was that, i was the one that suggested to my dad i wanted to get the N97 to replace my 02.

He went and outdid himself by getting the "coolest phone ever" and THEN got the phone i wanted to my mum.

(Mind you, this was all after telling me its not a good idea to waste so much money on getting the N97)

Its at times like these, i question his sense of humour. *sigh*

at least i'll be getting my dad's N95.. better than nothing. (^^,)

Exams coming up. Don't want to let my parents down. Feels so impossible.

(smack brains around) *focus, focus*

Back to studying...



Have you ever stopped to think of how fast life goes by?

How it felt like, just yesterday that you were struggling to eat your vegetables,

or just had your first unsupervised birthday party/outing?

Or how you were just asked a question by your teacher,"what would you like to be when you grow up?"

Im experiencing that state right bout now. That sense of deja vu mixed with nostalgia into one persistent feeling.

I don't know if im regretting some of the decisions that i made or did not do..

it just feels.. i dunno.

A movie. but like a movie that i can't control.

i know i may sound like a control freak, but for once i'd like to have control over my life.

That's a big thing for me cause, ppl who know me KNOW for a FACT im a really laidback person in nature.

But im sick of just not caring bout anything you know? but when i want to take hold of the wheel in my life.. i feel im not strong enough to take hold of it.

it seems like a car veering of course and going out of control with me at the wheel but with no strength to put the car back on course.

LoL, look at me stating so many metaphors. I must sound ridiculous now.

Food for thought i guess.

Till the next rant. LuLz


Focus Hocus Pocus!

I wish there was some kind of magical spell to increase my concentration to a somewhat substantial level.


That would make life and studies so much easier.

but then life ain't a dandy cotton candy anyways, eh? =)

God, why do i have to be so scatter-brained? jeez. Troublesome much?

on another topic.. im diggging 8-bit rock/music!!

Found these guys while randomly searching old 8-bit games. heheh.

another group i found is Anamanaguchi. they're pretty good as well. =)


Of Bleeding Gums and September Babies.

As you can tell i've been on hiatus for quite a while now.

been rather detached from the world these past few days. Made me wonder what it was like living in an actual rural area. Isolated. Alone.

By oneself.

Anyways. Been having bleeding gums for the past few days. wonder why. Malnutrition? hard toothbrush? hmm..

not that it hurts. Its pretty numb.

Though it bleeds i feel nothing.

Much like my Heart.

Its september so soon and i'll be 20. Feels like just yesterday when i was living a carefree live as a child. Well. to all my friends and people who celebrate their birthday this month, fair blessing to all, "may your heart lead you and your feet carry you to where your dream lies."

Met an interesting writer i did.

Harlan Ellison is one messed up fellow.
but a genius.

"I have no Mouth, and i must Scream" is hauntingly sadistic and morbid.

But yet has an underlying hope that "Humans can change their colours."

I wonder if i can change? hmm.

well enough said i guess.

Till Next time.



Heck im barred. For Qt and Is to be exact...

80% attendance average failed.

I had a 70% attendance average. One class.

thats all it took.


Well, its off to the Dean's Office tomorrow then.

i had to find this out from my mum. bummer.

Damn do i need a new phone.



A congratulations to Matt and Mindy

on their First step in living their lives together.


Whens my turn then? Hmm~




To measure the man, measure his heart - Malcolm Forbes

So at which point do you know a man's worth?

Or does pouring his heart out render him Useless?


Of My Sister/s

Well if you don't already know. This is my sis.
Pretty ain't she?
I never really fully realized that until recently.

I've forgotten how much she has grown since i last saw her as a baby when i was holding her for the first time when i was five years old.
And how now she's slowly reaching my height, and i can call her short soon.

I've forgotten how much more matured she has grown from the annoying little sister i remembered.
Who used to pull my hair and get me in trouble with my parents for the trouble she's caused..
And just pick a fight with me for no good reason just to get on my nerves.

I've forgotten how much she likes sticking her toungue out in picture poses


Oh now i remember. She learn'd that pose from me. =P


Although sometimes i find her annoying and frustrating at times..

I always make up with her in a heartbeat, And we'll be back into having fun together again.

We never talk much, and some ppl may say that our relationship is almost.. Dysfunctional.
But i still love her and her little sister, Esther though i may not show it. Regardless of how ever annoyed i may be. or angry.

i will always love her and Esther.

I've never really missed home ever since i came to kampar. and i probably never will.

Cause i know, my family is always with me.

Even when words are not spoken.


Of Failures and Shortcomings. (A Confession)

Over the past period of one year and four months, I was privileged enough to have friends who were responsible and hardworiking, and whom i considered myself to be like them.

And all this while, i shunned certain individuals when they failed to meet datelines and important meetings. Judging that that they don't deserve the marks that we get for assignments.

Unknowingly, i myself was considered a slob then and a lazy ass pretending to be Righteous in my fake accomplishments.

But the past three months showed me that i had shortcomings that others have tolerated and never told me in the face.

And i have to admit. That all this time i was making up excuses, pushing away the fact that in reality, I Am a Procrastinating, Lazy, and Insensitive Basterd.

Well i know that now. and im Sick of it.

Sick that i've treated our relationship as groupmates and coursemates with the not so much of an ounce of the respect that i so conveniently gave myself..

sick of what i've done,

all the sleepless nights that i've caused you and the others,

the unanswered calls, messages.

the immense stress that i've put you all through.

I have nothing much to say. or probably my words wouldn't mean anything now. All i can do is just let my actions do the talking and hope that somehow, you and the others will give me that second Chance to prove myself.

Im Sorry.


*sigh* smiles..

Won't you marry me Cathy Nguyen?

She Made My day. =)

This IS how I feel at The Moment.

Check him out. Fantastic songs. God. i need to get on with Revision.


As a giant awakens from its slumber

The world around him comes to life.

Battering and rubbing his eyes from tiredness,

Heaving a "Great Yawn" and stretched his arm as it aligned with the horizons.

Little Fairies and Pixies scramble in fear into bushes, flowers and clovers at the sound.

The Sun peeks from between the mountains as if to suggest a Game of Mouse and cats.

Then the giant, realizing he had overslept,

Fell back into the grass where he slumbered again.

Soon followed by the resounding thunder of a snore heard throughout the magical forest.


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Law was a bummer.


on top of that i'm feeling rather....


You know what?

Fuck it.

I don't need "one" that much anyways.
I'm not gonna feel like a sore basterd wallowing in self pity at my situation.


The perils of relationships.

Till next time.


Brain.. Don't Fail Me Now..

Microecon Mid Term is in one and a half hours time.

Just read my notes that i jotted down in class (boy am i glad i did.)

On other news. Went to Asian Cultural Night last night. No Regrets. Thanks to Kee ming and Joshua. Would've been dead boring without them there.. YOu guys performed Great! =)

Kay got to get myself together..

Wish me Luck!


Today In Whole..

was unproductive..

Woke up late.

When i Finally started to do my Revision, I realised i Downloaded the wrong notes and My Wble Account is Fucked Up.

Shit Pot.

I can't contact the class rep cause i didn't get his num. And he hasn't acepted my Friend request on Msn.

What's a man to do? Hopefully i'll be able to contact him tomorrow.

But heck i'd probably be too late by then. Damn it. And im attending a cultural concert tomorrow. No idea how long That would take.. heh.

God Help Me.

Freakin Out At the Last Moment Is no Good.



A Habit.

I've actually made it a personal conviction to post one post a day at the end a day as a way to de-stress myself.

Okay lets get started.

woke up at 10am this morning. Groggy. couldn't have breakfast and i really must be taking those Vitamin C's mum gave me, *tired as hell*

Dragged my tired ass to my bicycle. and with heavy feet pedaled my way to class.

Business Law that morning. Couldn't really focus and i didn't take much notes... thats that.

Went Economics. Surprisingly i found it Pretty interesting. I thought i'd hate it just cause its pretty much related to Maths.

But i found it to be a "beautiful" subject on its own and grew to be more interested in it with each lecture that i attend. (ask me again in 3-4 weeks time and see if i still feel the same way. LuLz)

Nothing much when i got back. Had Dinner with A&A. haha i always LOVE our dinners together. They're part of the main reasons why i love being in kampar. =)

SO got back home. didn't know what to do. Watched The longest Yard For awhile... Then i took a nap. And if my Mom didn't call the house. I would've slept till tomorrow. *Dead Tired*

Now i Writing this post!

Till Tomorow.

Ps:i have a feeling that people will get bored of this blog as this goes on.. heh.

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MIxed Feelings.

Just met my chc Mates From Jb today.

Feel weird.

Glad to see them

But yet, unsettling to know that they came all the way from jb.

Didn't know how to react. (i greeted them warmly of course. im not THT cold hearted.)

On top of that Some Other Feeling is Brewing that i didn't know of... Are you showing me signs that you like me? Of is this just the "new" you? Im confused. SHould i make the jump or not? Baah. Fuck it. (sorry for the use of language but thats the only way to put how im feeling right now)

80TH Post woHOO!

nothing special here.

same shit. different day. =)

Till next time.

ps: hope next time i'll have pictures to post up..


Calm Seas (update)

Now playing: The Perishers - Weekends
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Despite Having Loads to do after successfully transferring course.

I feel surprisingly calm. Besides the the emotional turmoil of course.

MId term's coming up.. so i hope i'll do better this time.

Losing Weight: going through Alvin's suicide diet that worked for him..
(and also cause low on cash =P)

Keyboards: Does anyone know where i can get a in-good-condition-second-hand Keyboard?

No pics at the moment. Heh. Camera can't take worth shit, Handphone is messed up and I never liked camwhoring anyways..

well. Thats All?

Till Next Time.


This Just (literaly) Rocked my world. Period

Credits to Seng Poh.


Damn you Brain.

Of Thoughts and Stuff..

First of all i like to say sorry for not updating for so long...

Guess i was busy/lazy?

And that's the issue i wish to address now.

For all my life i've never been one to pen my thoughts into a book, or a journal for that matter. Never felt the need to.

I expressed my self in other ways by just plain thinking, at times drawing nonsense, and maybe just talking to myself (i know weird right?)

And i've always thought i figured it all out. Life, God, Studies, Who im gonna Marry, or what im gonna teach my kid (if i ever get one).

But sometimes i just get so sick of thinking.. and wished why didn't my life played out like a movie, you know? Or like any of the novels that i read. So that there is that sense of control in the outcome.

Countless of times i feel like i've made a mistake and wished that i could blanko it with liquid paper and rewrite the story. Or just skip forward into a movie or novel of my life to find out what happens if i made this decision and decide whether to do it or not.

I wished the author of my life DID show me what would be become of me and gave me a choice to a suitable ending. But then again, would there be a need of an Author if I could choose what i want to happen in my life? Dangerous thoughts like this often enter my mind.

*im not sure if i should even be blogging bout this, but what the heck its a personal journal anyway*

I've always had a personal vendetta against those who try to change me into what im not. Especially those who say they come in the Name of the author but its really their self righteousness the lead them to say or do things that Twist my arm so as to say, " Do as i say or society will Frown Upon you (please?)"

What is the point in being special then? What happened to "Everyone is Unique in Their Own Way"? ( i just realized that its another way of saying that we're all the same)

Doesn't personality play a part in out lives anymore? Are we all just sheep for the slaughter and only a few beautiful and intelligent ones survive?

ahhh Crap.

Does any of this make sense?

My Mind is One F'd up Playground.

(i had no idea what i what i wanted to blog about and just typed what i thought)

You can thank me for this bullshit later.

I've got class tomorow. Nites.


"My Hurricanes"

Really feel like i Need Someone to talk to right now..

Everything Pent Up inside.

Its Funny how ever many friends you have..

You can still feel Lonely.

But Yet when you are able to find that One Person who understands you..

it Feels Like a "Full Circle"

Heh Guess that's why God's created Eve for Adam i guess.

and not a bunch of Bills, Bobs and Steve.


Focus Daniel!

Studies come First.


Of Grooming and Accounting. *sigh*

Both very disappointing events above has managed to bring down my whole mood for the hols...

Hair cut looks..

Well decent i guess, but not really what i was after.

And don't lemme get started bout the accounts. They are the very reason why i HATE coming back home.

Dun feel like posting at the moment. Got accounts to do.




Just got a pair of vintage Vans!!!!!

im so psyched right now....

Some pics soon?

I came this close to buying me some everlast sneaks.

Ahh well. Next time. heh.

hmm.. didn't get my bag yet. haven't found one that caught my eye. =P we'll see at the Rotary Carnival tomorrow.


Just did some shopping...

Found some gems. at a great bargain.

Can't wait to shop more tomorrow afternoon!

Oh the joys of spending money...!

tomorrow some shoes and a Bag *drools*



Been through hell and back.

At least it "felt" like hell.

God i hate exams.

Please Please, don't let me repeat the subjects.

Anyways. Update. Back in jB now. Home is mostly the same as it always is.
Plan on going shopping. Loadsa stuff to buy.. *snigger*
PS2 is wrecked so.. to heck with it.

Plan to lose MORE weight. seeing all my friends getting thinner gets me paranoid. *pathetic*

WOW is back baby. Death Knight, wait for me.

oh yeah Haircut. Be prepared to be shocked. =P Well maybe not all of you will be shocked cause you've seen more hardcore shit, but its still eye boggling.

What else?
oh sh-
almost forgot.

Got tonnes of eFFin accounts to do for my parent's business. LOLz

so much for the holidays.

will update soon when i have more stuff to type about.


Funky Love Train

I've never really known much bout Tobymac till MattD showed me the Alive and Transported DVD.

Been hooked ever since.

"Mamamama mamamaMa i got a Ticket to RiDe!"

Diverse City!


Life's A Blur..


Just in a blink of an eye its been Half a year almost?

Crazy Sheit.

Still surreal bout me in degree "thing"

Heh. there were doubts bout taking this career path still.. regardless of how many times i convinced myself that i can make it...

But i believe hat God has put me in this course for a reason...

"God YOu Know Ah!"

"make me tall and handsome so i can work in an Advertising company"



OF Being Emotionally Tortured at The Prospect of Being Barred.

Thank you thank you thank you



They were just calling for course rep work....!!


Aww shi-

I forgot bout those.


*sigh* back to work.




How long has it been.

Since we talked?

Exchanging laughters,

Sharing Tears,

Creating Memories,

Has things changed?

Im afraid so.

Forgive me for doing what i am doing and will continue to do.

But there are things that cannot remain the same.

Though you may feel nothing.

This is my only way to start afresh.

Please understand.

Our Memories, Tears and Laughters that were shared will always remain.

But "we" can't.

GOD this is damn Emo shit.

*Bragghh* Back to the land of Black Or White Dreams.



That was what i just read as i was opening my mailbox.

Full with loads of junk. Mostly forwarded e-mails.

1905 of em

and i stumbled unto one that had the title above as its own.

Why is it significant you wonder?

I applied fo PTPTN.
(Ptptn if you're reading this, i suggest you "eFfin" upgrade you server system immediately)

and i filled in all the information needed for the application form.

STILL didn't get the bloody thing.

WHY? Cause their server didn't register my application.

then to top that off i realised that i can't use my SPM transcript to apply..

Got a call from my Dad. Explain'ed the situation.

Got a Lecture from both Mum And Dad.

Didn't know why, emotions flooded me.

Then I knew. And it wasn't cause my parents scolded me.

Blamed Myself.

Felt LIKE a Failure.

Emo as Shit.

Felt Like Shit.

Everything that happened up to today proved I was Shit.

then at cell, we were talking bout faith.

And then i read this e-mail

Feeling Much Better.

I guess.

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A T...g

Well. Tagged by tyreal,
And since i don't have any pictures to post up.
I'll guess i'll just do the T... g

1. Do you think you're hot ?
No. I'm pretty cool at the moment.

2. Upload your favourite picture.

3. Why do you like that picture?
Need i say More? It pretty much speaks for itself.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Umm, can't remember.

5. The last song you listened to
Fall out boy Coffee's For Closers

6. What are you thinking besides this?
THe Work That is awaiting me, as Class Rep?

7. What name you prefer besides yours?
Dan, Danny, Danminic, Dano, Dannio.. anything else besides "Big Bird" in Chinese and something else that makes a mockery of my last name.

People to tag :-
No one.


Daniel's got internet now.

aND he's Looking to chat some people TO death.



totally Rad.

Be Right Back, with some pictures and updates and stuff..


Resolutions [ A New begining (yet again) ]

1. Work harder in degree.

2. Lose weight

3. (Hopefully) Grow taller

4. Get Buff. =P

5. Grow closer to God.

6. Grow a goatee/beard

7. Clean up my room more often.

8. Be more proactive when it comes to assignments and tutorials.

9. Be able to run for more than 12 mins at a constant speed.

10. aaaannd. Etc. etc. Everything that is positive.

Till next year.


Vid Of the Week