Seriously.. The whole Vampire Fad is just getting ridiculous.

Not Just For Vampires: Blood Energy Drink - Geekologie

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Where The "F" do people come up with this shit?

Of changing companions..

We've been together for quite awhile..

had many meaningful moments and delightful memories together..
but it is time to part ways..

She has been getting more and more cranky recently...

And it has reached that point of the relationship, where enough is enough..
and you know it's time to throw in the towel.

I've decided that i am gonna publicly announce it on my blog.

I'm breaking up with my O2.

yes you heard me. Its good bye to O2.
One year has passed and she's been pretty swell till these past few months and has been getting me into trouble.

I'll be using my dad's N95 from now on..

So before i break up with "her" i though i'd give a proper farewell..

Good bye O2. Its been great while it lasted..

ps: this post is actually dedicated to priya who will be getting her own "O2"

"Cherish it till as long as it lasts priya!"

portable bible for the phone

some games and apps.


Its the Final Countdown

Well one more day then it will be over..

After just starting my 1st semester in Business Admin, here i am in Marketing sem one.

Really do hope history doesn't repeat it self.. but it seems inevitable.

I don't want to repeat and waste more money..
not to mention precious time as well in the process.

God please lemme Pass....

Im afraid of Failing.


Whadduya know?

Computer studies actually did count for something.

Armed with barely enough knowledge on the subject..

I managed to tweak my blog.

And i have to say... im pretty pleased with it.


Nights peeps.


Random pics of [The Pad]..

The throne..

You would think shoes would only be for women.. nope.
this picture is Fact.

The Laboratory.. *evil laughter*


The Fridge.

Where Magic Happens..


Toodles people..

ps: this was totally random.

New Layout....

Watcha think?

you Like?

i personally like it.

Tell me what you think in the chatbox ----->

La Ro[u]x.!

"all false love and affection. you don't want me, you just like the attention"

this song is stuck in my head now.


Damn Fine. (a random song)

Verse 1

I see you walking down the corridor,
your gown sweeping the floor as your eyes met mine.
Never have i ever felt this way before,
It was then and there that i realized.


Girl i see that so damn fine,
All i know is that you blow my mind,
can't you see baby that i'm trying,
Trying hard to make you mine.

Girl i see that so damn fine,
All i know is that you blow my mind,
you know i'll always treat you right,
So won't you come and, be mine.

Verse 2

Like an angel you entered through the door,
the white gown that you wore shone so bright.
I couldn't help but stand back in awe,
and watch you light up the night sky.

Repeat chorus? don't know.. haven't finsished yet.

LOLz tht song just came to me.

PS: i just realized... the song has pretty meaningful lyrics with a HIP HOP casual chorus... xD


THe Shopping BUg.




im so itching to go buy stuff...

Lets see..

Some SKA shoes, Strap shoes (maybe), another Jacket, Hoodie, Beanie!!!, a new wristband, bagpack, canvas belt, some novels, electric shaver, assorted T-shirts, a VEST! (currently loaning one), cargo pants, a few bermuda shorts, a cover for my N95, 8gb micro sd memory card for N95, prezzies for the mates and a external hard drive.

RM1k should be enough i think...


i sound like a typical Bimbo right bout now.

There goes my machoness, out the window.




im 20.



pls don't screw up pls don't screw up..

*crosses fingers*


...Dark Looming Feeling...

Just found out that my both my parents just got UBER-cool phones.

iphone 3G = Dad

N97 = Mum

the irony was that, i was the one that suggested to my dad i wanted to get the N97 to replace my 02.

He went and outdid himself by getting the "coolest phone ever" and THEN got the phone i wanted to my mum.

(Mind you, this was all after telling me its not a good idea to waste so much money on getting the N97)

Its at times like these, i question his sense of humour. *sigh*

at least i'll be getting my dad's N95.. better than nothing. (^^,)

Exams coming up. Don't want to let my parents down. Feels so impossible.

(smack brains around) *focus, focus*

Back to studying...



Have you ever stopped to think of how fast life goes by?

How it felt like, just yesterday that you were struggling to eat your vegetables,

or just had your first unsupervised birthday party/outing?

Or how you were just asked a question by your teacher,"what would you like to be when you grow up?"

Im experiencing that state right bout now. That sense of deja vu mixed with nostalgia into one persistent feeling.

I don't know if im regretting some of the decisions that i made or did not do..

it just feels.. i dunno.

A movie. but like a movie that i can't control.

i know i may sound like a control freak, but for once i'd like to have control over my life.

That's a big thing for me cause, ppl who know me KNOW for a FACT im a really laidback person in nature.

But im sick of just not caring bout anything you know? but when i want to take hold of the wheel in my life.. i feel im not strong enough to take hold of it.

it seems like a car veering of course and going out of control with me at the wheel but with no strength to put the car back on course.

LoL, look at me stating so many metaphors. I must sound ridiculous now.

Food for thought i guess.

Till the next rant. LuLz


Focus Hocus Pocus!

I wish there was some kind of magical spell to increase my concentration to a somewhat substantial level.


That would make life and studies so much easier.

but then life ain't a dandy cotton candy anyways, eh? =)

God, why do i have to be so scatter-brained? jeez. Troublesome much?

on another topic.. im diggging 8-bit rock/music!!

Found these guys while randomly searching old 8-bit games. heheh.

another group i found is Anamanaguchi. they're pretty good as well. =)


Of Bleeding Gums and September Babies.

As you can tell i've been on hiatus for quite a while now.

been rather detached from the world these past few days. Made me wonder what it was like living in an actual rural area. Isolated. Alone.

By oneself.

Anyways. Been having bleeding gums for the past few days. wonder why. Malnutrition? hard toothbrush? hmm..

not that it hurts. Its pretty numb.

Though it bleeds i feel nothing.

Much like my Heart.

Its september so soon and i'll be 20. Feels like just yesterday when i was living a carefree live as a child. Well. to all my friends and people who celebrate their birthday this month, fair blessing to all, "may your heart lead you and your feet carry you to where your dream lies."

Met an interesting writer i did.

Harlan Ellison is one messed up fellow.
but a genius.

"I have no Mouth, and i must Scream" is hauntingly sadistic and morbid.

But yet has an underlying hope that "Humans can change their colours."

I wonder if i can change? hmm.

well enough said i guess.

Till Next time.

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