JAY BEE... and its Spoils and Exploits

I just recently read Wei Xun's post on beloved j.b and i must say, His pictures does say something very true in reality.

Sure.. J.B isn't the most cleanest place in the world and our Municipal Council tends to be hypocritical at times.

And we do have pretty high crime rates compared to the other states in Malaysia [but thats all better now with the police force stepping up their game]

But i still love Jay Bee.

Call it patriotism or Turf defending or whatever. But i would never leave j.b to live in another state. [unless on important or significant occasions]

In the end i would still come back to this beloved home town of mine.

Ever since i left selangor to be here in J.B, i've never wished to be anywhere else. Been to K.L for a short stint and back. Still love J.B.

It is where i grew up, made friends, created memories, and is situated within a "stones throw away" from singapore =P

Where else can you get the best of both worlds in Malaysia?? Sure, the zoo may be abit of a propaganda and tends to look more like Hell than Paradise for animals which are transfered there.

But Hey we got this..


I love J.B with its Singapore dominated shopping malls, Rubbish filled beaches, Rude Motorcyclist, and Ridiculously Large Rats.

Luv' It.

Come Visit Us!



Another Year Has Gone...

Another year has gone since my birthday last Monday... on the 22nd.
It was (My Birthday) normal. Like my other birthdays i guess.... but what really made my birthday special was the gift from a few certain people (you guys know who you are) whom i just Met in UTAR.

BIG Thank you you guys... LOVE my gift.. 1st time anyone actually got me what i wanted for my Birthday. ( or maybe i mentioned it too openly? Lol.)

and thanks Kerina for YOUR gift.

Every birthday i feel that i'm closer and closer to my death. ( not a pessimist view) And every birthday i tend to evaluate what i have accomplished in the past year and try to convince myself that i'm going somewhere and not gong nowhere.

Sometimes i think what am i going to leave behind in the event that i die?

Arrghh stupid thoughts. Ignored what i said.



A TAG... [does it ever end]


name 20 people u can think of :

3.Alvin Tan
9.Choy Wan
11.Sue Anne
12.Li Juen
13.Ellen Page
14.Emma Watson
16.Andrew Tan
17.Melissa Yap
18.Celine Yap
19.Benroy Yap
20.Benson Yap

How did you meet 14? [Emma Watson]
I wish..

What would you do if you never met 1? [Suvanya]
Gee i dunno.. there would be no one to share my outrageous habits and unique tastes in music, books and movies?

What if 9 and 20 are fated? [Choy Wan/ Benson Yap]
HAHA.. so...? that doesn't mean anything would happen.

Will 6 and 14 date? [Sis/Emma Watson]
Not a chance. cause i'll be the one dating with 14.

Describe 3. [Alvin Tan]
What can i say when you finaly met someone that you can spend your whole life with..

You Call him "BRO"

Is 8 attractive? [Suzana]
Uhh personally? Yeah. But i don't think shawn would agree. HER Boyfriend.

Decribe 7. [Esther]
Well my little sis.. who can be annoying. Most of the time.. but. For a girl at her age, she has extremely good comand of english and could most probably whup most chinese aunties in an arguement. LOL

Do you know 12's family members? [Li Juen]
Well i met her father but i don't think a glance would count as i-know-her-parents thing.

What if 18 confess that he or she likes you? [Celine Yap]
Gee i dunno. I would have to consult with her sis first. =P

What language does 15 speaks? [Shawn]
English, Chinese? Malay.

Who is going out with 9? [Choy Wan]
I wouldn't know.

How old is 16? [Andrew Tan]
Umm.. 20? Alvin help me on this.

When did you last speak to 13? [Ellen Page]
Never. cause she is an actress.

Who's 2 favourite singer?
A.R Rahman?

Would you date 4? [Mom]
Yeah if it was in the 80s. =P

Will you date 1? [Suvanya]
Heck I would i guess..

Is 19 single? [Benson Yap]
As Far As I know he is... unless he caught a fish already.

What's 10 last name? [Tiffany]

School of 3? [Alvin Tan]
UTAR... School..? "Hes been all over the place
Where does 6 lives? [Sis]
Jay Bee

What do you think of 5? [Dad]
Umm My Dad.? Role Model? Abit OCD? joking dad. (but you are, really)

Have you seen 2 naked? [Brad]

choose 5 ppl 2 do the test:
I tag No ONe...

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