New Endings. Old Beginings

The title says it all.

THats all FOlks!




I don't know what to do.

AM i doing something wrong??

Maybe i'm not meant to love anyone.


Been Busy as Hell.

Haven't been online for quite awhile now.. Came back found out my playlist stopped working. (which sucked)

I got tired of it. So i decided i'll just put youtube of songs here. Scroll down to see what i put up. xD

Anyways, till later peeps.


Me Wants

Now all i need is a Leather Jacket. LOLz.


a BImbo Realization

I just realized from reading my past posts...

That my penis inverts into a vagina when i go shopping.

All my manhood just *poof* the moment i step into a shopping mall.


Random PS: Neil Patrick Harris Is AweSUM.


Despair and Joy??

Just found out my Last paper is on the 21st.

The Varsity choose what i hoped it would never come to.

One week gap between the two papers.

Its kinda like a double edge sword thing? I guess. On one hand i want to go back early so i can spend more time with my family..

And on the other, i Get More Buffer time in between to study..

hmm how do i decide to "Feel" about this..?


I decide to be indifferent.


ps: i got some chirstmas songs up on the playlist to get into the mood. =3

Vid Of the Week